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Southern Colonies

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The Southern colones were know more their large plantations and farms. Different regions grew different crops, and all the colonies began to grow. Plantations earned a lot of money, but depended largely on slavery. The Southern colonies were North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Maryland. 


      The original colony, which became South Carolina, was founded by the Eight Lords Proprietors in an effort to make money for themselves and their shareholders. The first settlers were from Barbados and they settled along the Ashley River in 1670. In 1671, Sir John Yeamans brought about 200 African slaves. And in 1680, between the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, Charles Town was founded in a much better area for the capital city. Over time more people moved to South Carolina which became a major colony with many large plantations.

Daily Life:

     In the Southern Colonies, manners were very important.  Everyone had certain things to do and say.  At meal time, you ate mostly in quiet, with small conversations.  Children were seen and not heard.

     Everyone in the colony had to do their own jobs. Girls helped their mothers cook and take care of younger siblings, and make clothes.  Sometimes, they didn't have to make the food because they had kitchen servants.  Boys helped their fathers with other things, like cutting wood.

     The people in the South mostly had plantations, so they didn't always plant their own food.  The people that didn't have a plantation with slaves did plant their own things and harvest, though.  The men and older boys went hunting for some of the meats they needed, and some people owned livestock.  They could go buy food or trade with other families, too.

     The children played games with their friends-much like children do now.  Hide and seek, jump rope, and even bobbing for apples!  The girls had to make their own dolls, or their mothers made them.  Boys made things out of wood.


     Many of the Southern colonies had a plantation economy. Each colony grew a different crop, though large plantations were found in all of them. Virginia and Maryland grew tobacco. Rice and indigo grew in South Carolina. Naval stores such as turpentine and tar were made in North Carolina, which later caused them to be called “tar heels”. Unlike most of the other colonies, North Carolina did not have any good ports.  

     Many plantations owners had to purchase slaves to operate their plantations. Many of them bought their slaves from the New England colonies or from the West Indies.


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